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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ACI remains committed to maintaining a best-in-class Quality Management System (QMS), as well as maintaining ISO 9001:2015 certification. Each year, ACI invests considerable resources to inspect and analyze our facilities and systems to ensure compliance. We conduct annual manufacturing audits and partner with third-party auditors to achieve the highest level of manufacturing quality. ISO 9001:2015 accreditation reflects the strength of our QMS and the quality products we produce. As a customer of ACI, rest assured that the products you purchase will meet or exceed all listed specifications.

Certificate of Compliance – UL

UL LLC is an American worldwide safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service companies, and consumers.  Most of ACI’s products do not require UL compliance because of their low voltage outputs.  However, the products listed below have been submitted to UL and the corresponding compliance documents are provided.

The document below contains the combined statements from the following products: ACI Current Sensors, ACI Command Relays and ACI's Mini Current Sensors


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EU Declaration of Conformity

The EU Declaration of Conformity is the written statement and single declaration drawn up by the manufacturer to demonstrate the fulfilment of the EU requirements relating to a product bearing the CE marking he/she has manufactured. The declaration shall be in respect of all Community acts applicable to the product containing all information required for the identification of Community harmonization legislation to which the declaration relates. This declaration must cover one or more products manufactured, clearly identified by means of product name, product code or other unambiguous references and must be kept by the manufacturer, or his European Authorized Representative if the manufacturer is based outside the EU.

The product list below contains links to each device or Series:


UKCA UK Conformity Assessed

UKCA stands for “UK Conformity Assessed”. Due to the UK leaving the EU, a new UK product marking regulation will be used in place of the CE mark for goods being placed on the UK market. It is the British version of the European Union’s CE marking. CE, as well as the UKCA mark, are not quality indicators or certification marks. UKCA marking is a similar provision as the CE marking, however applicable for UK laws and the UK market. It must be considered as an implicit declaration from the manufacturer that this product complies with all UK laws and the applicable British conformity assessment procedures.

The product list below contains links to each device or Series:

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