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How to stage multiple contacts to an analog output?

Posted: 10/12/23


How do I stage multiple 24VAC contact closures to one proportional analog output?

This is an application question that ACI receives on a regular basis. ACI’s 6N1-ISO-STG interface device is the perfect solution for this. The 6N1-ISO-STG is a true staging device. It can be used in retrofit applications to interface existing two orthree-stage thermostats to new SCR heaters/RTUs.



This is a common example with two inputs and 0-10V output. When the first stage is on, the 6N1-ISO-STG will output 5V. When both stages are on, the output is 10V.

The 6N1-ISO-STG can accept up to 6 inputs


Outputs include 0-5V, 0-10V, and 4-20mA. The 6N1-ISO-STG also offers a second staging mode. It will check inputs sequentially high(#6) to low(#1), to set output percentage. The output percentage is based on the highest input pressed, and ignores others. This is based on the Input # priority.

4 Inputs used, 0-10VDC output
Activate Input #3. Output = 7.5VDC (3/4 = 75%)

There are endless applications where the 6N1-ISO-STG can be used!


Other applications include commercial or hotel laundromat dryers. Based on the number of dryers running, the exhaust fan will ramp up.

  • 1 dryer on = 2.5V
  • 2 dryers on = 5V
  • 3 dryers on = 7.5V
  • 4 dryers on = 10V

Occupancy and alarm for CO system

  • No occupancy = 0V
  • Occupancy = 5V
  • CO Alarm = 10V

The 6N1-ISO-STG is a new product designed to solve the above applications (and many others). Call or email our Tech Support Team or click the CHAT button to find out if this is right for your job. Learn more here.

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