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Posted: 10/9/18

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Monitoring CO2

Monitoring CO2 with ACI’s aSENSE-GH is the first step in controlling CO2 levels to species-specific saturation levels in greenhouses. During the day, greenhouse plants use CO2, water, and light energy from the sun and/or supplemental lighting to photosynthesize. Maintaining optimal levels of CO2 increases the speed of photosynthesis and growth while maximizing yields. Click here to learn more about ACI's aSENSE-GH sensor.


  • Special Coated PCB 
  • Extra Dust/Water Protection Filter
  • Membrane Covered Sample Chamber
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Selectable Outputs for Temperature and CO2
  • 0-10 VDC | 2-10 VDC | 0-20 mA | 4-20 mA
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