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ACI Solutions for Stand-Alone Parking Garage Gas Detection

Posted: 1/31/24

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Parking Garage Challenges

Parking garages are challenging for building owners and system integrators due to the hazardous gases in vehicle exhaust combined with high energy costs from over-ventilation. 

Stand-Alone Gas Detection

Additionally, many building codes and specifications require the garage ventilation system to be separate or stand-alone from the main building’s HVAC control system–adding additional complications. 

Scalable Solutions from ACI

ACI can solve these applications using one of three configurable BACnet IP gas system controllers and our full gas sensor and accessory line. These controllers allow the user to control exhaust fans and dampers in the garage independently of the main building’s BAS system while putting the data onto the BACnet network for monitoring, alerting, and analytics. 

User-Friendly and Tailored to Your Job

All controllers are easy to program, scalable to fit any size garage, and cost-effective. 

  • Q4C-II--four digital sensor inputs, four relay outputs
  • MC2 (NEW!)--32 digital sensor inputs, eight analog sensor inputs, three relay outputs, analog output expansion card
  • Q-Controller--128 digital sensor inputs, analog input & output expansion cards, binary input & output modules   

Expert Support from Bid to Commissioning 

In addition, ACI's Tech Team can support your gas applications from bid to commissioning with network design and layout. Send us your drawings and we’ll determine the best placement of the sensors. This ensures maximum efficiency with the fewest devices.  

Contact your ACI Sales Engineer to learn more about these controllers and sensors. 

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