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Chiller Room Refrigerant Leak Detection

Posted: 6/14/23

chiller room

Freon Leak Detection is required in Chiller Rooms, and the ACI Team has the solution!

Mechanical systems, including utility plants, boilers, and chillers, are the engines that drive HVAC systems. Mechanical rooms can be overlooked when considering potentially unsafe spaces in buildings. Anyone near a chiller, or area of refrigerant storage, has the potential to be exposed to harmful gases from freon if a leak occurs; they can be costly, hazardous, or fatal if not controlled. Detection of refrigerant leaks is dictated by local code, and can vary by state or region; in North America there are also Safety Standards that apply to refrigeration applications to protect personnel that could be in the chiller room or area of refrigerant storage. In the United States the primary standard is ASHRAE 15, and in Canada it is B52. Both standards dictate that leak detectors should be placed close to the chillers, a horn/strobe should be mounted outside each entrance to the chiller room, a horn strobe should also be inside the chiller room, a manual switch should be mounted outside the mechanical room to turn on the fans, and a manual switch should be inside to start the fans. It also dictates that all equipment should be tested in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications so that it remains in good, working, order over time.  If a leak occurs, proper ventilation of freon gases can mitigate hazardous situations, and leak detection systems should be installed in case of damage or failures in exhaust vents or supply lines. ACI has the equipment needed for the ASHRAE 15/B52 standards, and our sensors and controllers can provide continuous monitoring and instant alerts upon detecting dangerous conditions.

This network diagram shows a helpful representation of how our equipment could be used inside and outside of a chiller room to satisfy the ASHRAE 15 standard.

network Diagram

Common Solutions for Chiller Room Freon Leak Detection



Infrared, freon-specific, leak detector

  • Infrared, freon-specific
  • 3 SPDT relays
  • 14-year sensor life typical
M switch


Manual Input Switch for Fan Control

Mount both inside and outside the chiller room

4 colorful lights


Horn and Strobe

  • Audible/Visual Alarm
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 2 mounting base styles

ACI Solutions for Chiller Room Freon Leak Detection meet ASHRAE 15 

Our full complement of products includes different communication protocols (Analog, BACnet, Modbus) and the option of either standalone devices or Sensor/Controller combinations. Our solutions provide installation flexibility, great value for your investment, and peace of mind that ACI can help you through each step of the process. Our services include sensor selection support, sensor placement recommendations, and building layout reviews.

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