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Posted: 6/20/24



Early smoke detection is key to saving lives

ACI’s Duct Smoke Detectors and remote accessories are designed to work with your building management system to signal when dampers should close and shut down systems to reduce the spread of smoke into additional areas of your building.

Our detectors provide an early indication of smoke and combustible particles moving through the air within HVAC ducts. Used in commercial, industrial, or residential applications, ACI’s smoke detectors are designed to prevent smoke recirculation by air handling systems, fans, and blowers.

Smoke Detection Product Selection Guidelines


Select a smoke detector style that fits your application

Not all smoke detectors are the same. The shape of your HVAC duct and the environment in which the detector will be used are factors to consider.

smoke detectors
Model #Duct ShapeHousingEasy-Open Lid
SM-501RectangularNEMA 1 rated (for indoor use)Open with four (4) thumbscrews
SL-2000Rectangular or RoundNEMA 1 rated (for indoor use)Open with four (4) thumbscrews
RT-3000Rectangular or RoundNEMA 4 rated (for indoor or outdoor use)Tethered lid opens without screws


Select a sampling tube to fit the width of your duct

sampling tube

A sampling tube is needed to collect air across the entire width of your HVAC duct. ACI offers multiple tube lengths to fit your application – including the innovative Fast Tube sectional sampling tube pack.

ACI’s detectors feature a patent-pending mechanism – no tools are needed to install or remove the sampling and exhaust tubes from the detector.


Add remote accessories to test and/or reset your smoke detector

We suggest that you verify the fire, mechanical, and building codes in your area. Often, code dictates that if a detector is not wired to a fire panel, then there should be a test station at the ground level. Remote test stations are frequently left out of the specifications, which could leave the contractor needing a remote at the last minute to pass the inspection.

Smoke detectors mounted in the ceiling or rooftop ducts can be difficult to access. That’s why ACI offers remote accessories to allow you to test and/or reset your smoke detector without climbing directly up to the detector. Choose from our MS Series or our MSR-50R Series of remote accessories.



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All ACI’s smoke detectors are made in the USA and feature a 2-year limited warranty.

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