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Power Meters

Power Meters

Power Meters

ACI power meters can reduce energy consumption through predictive maintenance, identification of underperforming equipment, calculation of ROI, and many other measurements. They can communicate with a BMS or work as stand-alone data loggers. ACI has the technical knowledge to ensure your installation is on time and on budget.

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Power Meters

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Item: 148212

Model: ACUCT-S77-100:333

Current Transformer, 100A, Solid Core, Measure Canada Approved, 0.77" Aperture, 333mV Output, 1ft Leads

KW350 Panel Upgrade
Item: 148973

Model: KW350-P1-D-S-SC-PC

Power Meter w/Panel Upgrade, Bi-Directional, 3 Circuit, ANSI 0.5 Class Accuracy, Serial Communications, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU, 333 mV CT Inputs and LCD Display


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