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Cost-saving Interface Devices Convert One Control Signal to Another

Interface devices convert one type of control signal to another, saving time and money by extending the life of existing field devices.  Please see our Interface Matrix to assist in choosing the correct product.

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Item: 102469

Model: DRN3.1

PWM/Analog/Floating Point to Resistance Output, Selectable Resistance Network

Item: 102478

Model: EPC2G

Analog Input (0-5VDC), Pressure Output (0-10PSI), Dual Valve, Maintains Branch Pressure , Gauge, (0-10V, 0-15V 0-20mA), (0-15PSI, 0-20PSI)

Item: 106317

Model: AFP

Analog Input (0-5VDC), Floating Point Output (60 sec), Version #1, (30, 90s Selectable)

Item: 111750

Model: 6N1-ISO

Analog Input, Analog Output, Six Analog Average, HI/LO, Summing, Difference, Average, Binary

Item: 127213

Model: PXP2.3G

Analog Input (0-5VDC), Pressure Output (0-15PSI), Dual Valve, Maintains Branch Pressure , Gauge, (0-10V, 0-15V, 0-20mA Selectable)

Item: 102633

Model: PTA2

Pulse Width Modulation Input (0.1 to 10 sec), Analog Output(0-10V), (0.02 to 5, 0.59 to 2.93, 0.1 to 25.5s Selectable)

Item: 137061

Model: C/ARM

Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Rescaling Module. Factory Calibration option is available for an additional charge. This will speed up installation time for the end user. Please enter the Input and Output span.


Item: 102029

Model: ARM2

Analog Input(VDC), Dual Analog Output (mA), Analog Rescaling Module (Signal Splitter)

Item: 102475

Model: EPC

Analog Input (0-5VDC), Pressure Output (0-10PSI), Single Valve, 0.007" Bleed Orifice, (0-10V, 0-15V 0-20mA), (0-15PSI, 0-20PSI)


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