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Freeze Stats and Accessories Freeze Stats (FLS)

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Product overview

Freeze Stat (FLS), 20' Capillary, Manual Reset, 4 Wires, 2 Circuits (Two Simultaneously Switching Contacts)


  • Protect Heating and Cooling Coils
  • Low Temperature Limit Switch in applications where temperature stratification may occur

Product specifications

Thermostat Type:
Self-contained, electromechanical
Sensing Element:
Vapor Pressure
Sensing Media:
Temperature in air
Adjustable Trip Point Range:
15°F to 55°F (-9°C to 13°C); Factory set with Stop at 35°F(1.7°C)
Reset Options:
Model Dependent: Manual or Automatic
Approximate Switching Differential:
Auto Reset only: Approximately 5°F (2.8°C), Non-adjustable
Contact Form:
4 Wires, 2 Circuits (Two simultaneously switching contacts (Circuits))
Contact Type:
Line to M2 (Main): Open on Temperature Drop Line to M1 (Auxiliary/Alarm): Close on Temperature Drop
Wiring Connections:
Screw Terminals; Copper wire only rated to 90ºC (194ºF) minimum
Sensing Response:
To lowest temperature sensed along any 14 to 16” (35.6 to 40.6 cm) length of sensing element
Sensing Capillary Material:
Sensing Capillary Length:
Model Dependent: 6’ (1.83m), 10’ (3.05m), 20’ (6.10m), 50’ (15.24m)
Sensing Capillary Diameter:
0.125” (3.18 mm)
Enclosure Rating:
NEMA 1 (IP10)
Enclosure Material:
Steel, galvanized
Enclosure Color:
Black | Baked Enamel
Conduit Knockouts:
½” conduit knockout
Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 140°F (-18 to 60°C)
Storage Temperature Range:
-40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)
Sensing Capillary Overload Temperature:
400°F (204.4°C) maximum
Operating RH Range:
0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Product Weight:
A/FLS-20-x: 2.31 lbs. (1.046 kg)
Product Dimensions:
A/FLS06-x, A/FLS-10-x, A/FLS-20-x: 8.125” (20.64 cm) x 6.375” (16.19 cm) x 2.625” (6.67 cm) A/FLS-50-x: 10.125” (25.72 cm) x 3.375” (16.19 cm) x 5.500” (13.97 cm)
Agency Approvals:
UL File # SA516 UL 873 | CSA File # LR948 C22.2 No. 24-199 | C-Tick # ACN 002 968 103 RoHS Compliant

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