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Thermistors Wall Plate

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Product overview

20,000 Ohm Thermistor, Wall Plate, Stainless Steel


  • Space Temperature Sensing
  • Decorative Wall Sensor Applications
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals & Schools
  • Colleges
  • OEM Opportunities

Product specifications

Sensor Type:
Sensor Curve:
Non-Linear, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient)
Number Sensing Points:
Number Wires:
Two (Non-Polarity Sensitive)
Accuracy 0-70ºC (32-158ºF):
+/-0.2°C (+/-0.36°F) A/10K-E1 Series: +/- 0.3°C (+/-0.54°F) A/1.8K Series: +/- 0.5°C @ 25°C (77°F) and (+/-1.0°C) (+/-1.8°F)
Sensor Dependent; Contact ACI for more information on sensor in question
Response Time (63% Step Change):
15 Seconds nominal
Power Dissipation Constant:
3 mW/°C A/1.8K Series: 1 mW/°C A/10K-E1 Series: 2 mW/°C
Plate Material:
A/XX-SP Series: 430 Stainless Steel (Brushed Stainless Steel Finish) A/XX-AP Series: Aluminum (Smooth Satin Finish, Clear Anodized)
Foam Pad Material | Flammability Rating:
Cross-Linked Polyethylene | FMVSS-302
Operating Temperature Range:
-40 to 71°C (-40 to160°F)
Storage Temperature Range:
-40 to 71°C (-40 to 160°F)
Operating Humidity Range:
10 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Lead Length | Conductor Size:
14” (35.56cm) | 22 AWG (0.65mm)
Lead Wire Insulation | Wire Rating:
Etched Teflon (PTFE) Colored Leads | MIL-W-16878/4 (Type E)
Conductor Material:
Silver Plated Copper
Product Dimensions:
4.50” (114.3mm) x 2.78” (70.6mm) x 0.187” (4.76mm)
Product Weight:
A/XX-SP Series: 0.14 lbs. (63.5g) A/XX-AP Series: 0.08 lbs. (36.29g)
Agency Approvals:

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