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ACI Launches Newly Designed ECM Current Switch

Posted: 11/21/22 by Brant Kasbohm

New ECM Current Switch - Lowest Trip Point in the Industry

Today, ACI is proud to announce the launch of our new ECM Current Switch, designed from scratch for unprecedented performance and protection. With the lowest adjustable trip point in the industry, our ECM Current Switch can be set above the standby current and below the lowest operating current, preventing false alarms. ECM (Electronically Commutated Motors) are becoming increasingly popular in HVAC applications due to their greater efficiency, quieter operation, and potential tax incentives in certain states.

Our new ECMCS Current Switch offers a variety of features, including new core technology, eliminated LED to reduce power consumption, the lowest trip point in the industry at 0.075 Amps, fewer wire wraps, and a trip adjust tool.

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