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Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) creates, manufactures, and distributes building automation sensors for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Industry. 

ACI began as a small company in 1991, but has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, establishing itself as an industry leader of quality automation sensors.  We are proud of our Industry accolades and the impact we have made on our local community.

ACI’s product lines include Temperature Sensors, Relative Humidity Sensors, Current Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Gas Sensors and Wireless Sensors. The staff takes pride in the products they make, while living up to established standards of quality and value.

ACI prioritizes its top employees and substantially invests in a competitive benefits package, leading to an incredibly low turnover rate. ACI helps our employees thrive by pairing their individual skill-sets with corresponding job duties.

ACI LOGO   April of 1991, Troy Schwenn (CEO/Chairman of the Board of ACI) and a handful of Industry upstarts jump head first into creating a full selection of temperature related sensors and embark on creating long-lasting business relationships with numerous key customers. Several key manufacturing principals that put quality first lay the foundation for future success.
In 1996, ACI developed its first pressure transmitter (ACI/DP). This product combined jumper selectable ranges and outputs with a highly accurate capacitive sensor. Strong feature sets and high-end accuracy become the basis for future designs. ACI wins its first major award, Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year- Grand Award for Emerging Companies.   DP
MOTY   In 1999, a comprehensive offering of temperature sensors have paved the way to put ACI on the Industry’s map, ACI shifts its focus and releases a full line of Relative Humidity based sensors. After years of development and research, this extremely successful line has been a proven performance leader by independent studies and by meeting strict OEM qualifications. ACI also is awarded another Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award for Employee Development.
In 2002, ACI utilized previous experience with relative humidity sensing and strong OEM relationships to design an enthalpy sensor.   enthalpy
Command Relay   In 2006, another major evolution takes place in ACI’s portfolio. A full line of robust and spec laden Current Sensors and Switches is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. A patented installation feature helps create separation and value versus the competition. A line of Command Relays is released shortly thereafter to complement this series.
In 2011, ACI acquired Advanced Control Technologies (ACT) line of Interface Devices. Once again, ACI bucks the trend and manufactures these devices exclusively in the U.S.A.! Interface Devices help Building Automation System managers address the need to improve energy efficiency, regardless of the software, firmware or hardware involved. They offer greater flexibility in several areas, potentially saving time, money, and energy.   DRN3
Meshnet   In 2012, ACI purchased Trs Systems based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. Trs Systems developed a full line of wireless sensors and receivers. ACI trademarked the line MESHNET 900™ which is a 900 MHz spread spectrum, mesh network technology. It provides the HVAC Industry a needed option for a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution. They can easily integrate with any Building Automation System.
In early 2013, ACI won “Best Company for Philanthropy and Community Service” and “Most Admired Company in Wisconsin”. Sales Engineer, Barry Gordon also accepted his CTA (ControlTrends Award) for “Most Valuable Support Person”. At the same event, ACI also accepted “Best Peripheral Products from a Small Manufacturer” award.   Control Trends Award
  In 2014, ACI was nominated for Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year and was also a recipient of the 2014 Wisconsin Family Business Award. At the 2014 ControlTrends Awards, ACI took home the award for “Best Technical Support of the Year- Small Manufacturer”. ACI was honored to be named 2014 CGNA Preferred Vendor of the Year.
In 2015, ACI rounds out a complete Pressure offering by releasing the WPR (Wet to Wet Differential Pressure Sensor). It provides installation and maintenance benefits with a user-friendly design and   WPR
ACI LOGO   What’s to come? Along with the MLP2 being released in Feb 2018, we have a complete differential pressure offering for customers. The fully featured, highly accurate DLP, the cost and size efficient MLP2, and a solid wet to wet differential pressure unit with the WPR2. There will be a complete redesign on the ACI Current Sensors and Switches as well. BACnet™ related sensors will be offered later this year as ACI plans for long-term growth.   ACI LOGO
By droelke Nov. 9th 2018
  ACI’s First 20 Employees - #14 Ben Whyte   Ben started as a part-time employee at ACI in soldering where he spent his day soldering small sensors onto wires. It didn’t take long to notice the dedication and energy Ben puts into everything he does. From soldering, he moved on to become our Potting Department Supervisor before taking on a new role running our sensor testing department. From sensor testing he moved to his current position as ACI’s Pressure Department Supervisor. As you... Read More
By workacimaster Nov. 6th 2018
  ACI’s First 20 Employees. At #15 we introduce Joe Knight.  Joe joined ACI in 1999 and has been a valued team member ever since. Showing great versatility and an eagerness to learn, Joe has worked in many departments throughout ACI performing tasks from soldering to sensor assembly.  His current role finds him working as a technician in our Sensor Testing Department.  We asked Joe to fill us in on his secret to success at ACI and he replied, “I love to learn new things and appreciate... Read More
By tbrowning Oct. 26th 2018
  The 16th employee of our First 20 Employees feature is our Scheduling Manager, Eric Ernst. Eric has been employed with ACI for 19 years and has succeeded in several areas throughout ACI before advancing to his current role.  He credits his dependability, dedication, and hard work to his rise through ACI. “I was given chances to prove myself and did not disappoint” says Eric. When asked about what he likes most about working at ACI, Eric replied “I like knowing that if something... Read More
By tbrowning Feb. 27th 2018
Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) was amongst four Wisconsin manufacturing companies who were individually presented with this year’s Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award. The award ceremony took place on February 22nd at the Pfister hotel in downtown Milwaukee and was sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Baker Tilly and Michael Best & Friedrich. The awards consisted of four Grand Award winners, categorized by number of employees, who were recognized for impeccable... Read More
By tbrowning Feb. 1st 2018
Automation Components, Inc. is proud to be the recipient of the 2017 Control Trends Award for Peripheral Product of the Year! ACI's new Differential Low Pressure (DLP) Sensor has made a big impact since its introduction in March of 2017, by combining accuracy and utility. Receiving this award from Control Trends during their amazing awards show was a great honor for this product and our company. Many thanks to the Control Trends committee, the online voters, and all the customers who have... Read More
By tbrowning Feb. 1st 2018
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 Control Trends Award winner for Executive of the Year for a small manufacturer - Troy Schwenn of Automation Components, Inc.! ACI would not be the industry leader it is today without the leadership and dedication of Troy. Thank you to everyone who voted and be sure to congratulate Troy on his achievement!
By tbrowning Feb. 2nd 2018
ISO9001 is a standard of quality management. In other words, it is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for successful planning and execution within an organization. ISO9001 is rapidly becoming the most popular quality standard in the world, with thousands of certified organizations spanning over one hundred countries.   How did ACI become certified? Certifications are awarded by accredited third-party organizations, through a series of audits. If the company is found to be... Read More
By Jake Mar. 30th 2017
MIDDLETON – Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) has gone above and beyond their year two fundraising goal for the ACI and Schwenn Family Professorship for cancer research through the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.   In late February of 2017, ACI concluded its annual fundraising with a company-wide bowling event, where over 90 employees participated and helped raise over $25,600. After being matched by both ACI and President Troy Schwenn, the grand total presented to the UW... Read More
By Jake Sep. 28th 2016
MIDDLETON, Wis. -  ACI takes another step to go green! We’ve added new LED lighting, which is cost cutting, and now implemented in all of the buildings; swapped out and upgraded our heating system for an increase with 98% efficiency; added more windows to allow for more natural lighting, with smart energy-saving lighting to accommodate the daylight from outside; added some better insulation; new low water consumption toilets in the engineering building, and also had a few of our very own... Read More
By tbrowning Apr. 13th 2018
  Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) has concluded its annual UW Carbone Cancer Center fundraising event that benefits the ACI & Schwenn Family Professorship. The ACI & Schwenn Family Professorship has committed to donating $500,000 to the UW Carbone Cancer Center for colorectal cancer research. This year’s fundraising event had over 90 ACI employees who participated in the company-wide bowling event, which helped raise over $54,000. After being matched by both ACI and Owner Troy... Read More
By tbrowning Feb. 1st 2018
We are very proud of our partnership with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center here in Madison, Wisconsin. This partnership was developed in memory of Mindy Schwenn, the late wife to ACI’s President, Troy Schwenn. Over the years, ACI has raised extensive funds for the Carbone Cancer Center. The Schwenn family, along with ACI, have setup the ACI Schwenn Family Professorship that commits to over $500,000. This donation will also be matched dollar for dollar by another donor... Read More
By workacimaster Sep. 15th 2016
MIDDLETON – Automation Components, Inc., and University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center have partnered once again, to announce the endowment of the ACI and Schwenn Family Professorship for cancer research. ACI held its annual bowling event, where over 90 employees participated and helped raise $42,642 towards the Schwenn Family and ACI professorship through UW Carbone Cancer Center. “This event not only raises money for a great cause, like research, but it creates cancer awareness,”... Read More

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