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Net Transceivers & Repeaters RR2552B (Repeater) sensors | pricing


Signal Repeater / Extender
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The mesh network Meshnet 900® RR2552 signal repeater utilizes reliable Spread Spectrum Radio technology. It can be installed easily in minutes to increase the transmission distance between wireless sensors and the receivers. The maximum radio transmission distance is dependent on building type. In a typical commercial building with steel I-beam construction, concrete floors with reinforcing rod, and metal stud walls, it can be expected that transmissions will penetrate vertically through floors and horizontally through 200 to 500 feet of walls, furniture and air. Multiple repeaters can be used to extend the transmission distance to thousands of feet inside any commercial and industrial buildings. The Meshnet 900® sensor Data & Link LED confirms the data transmission was received by the receiver for fast and reliable positioning of the repeaters during installation. There is no need for special wireless installation equipment or site survey tools. The Meshnet 900® wireless system can be used with any LON, BacNet, MODbus, DDC control system or panel. ACI wireless sensors and systems are designed for retrofit HVAC, Building Automation, and industrial systems.  Typical applications include: churches, museums, historical sites, etc.  They are also suitable for flexible office/work station lay outs, auditoriums and conference centers with movable walls, or wide open warehouse spaces.

  • Data Link LEDs confirm data transmission
  • ACI can provide additional set up support before shipping
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