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The following form is for returning parts to ACI’s factory in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Any item(s) shipped to us should be accompanied with an ACI generated RMA.  Your ACI Sales Representative can help you locate this information or walk you through the return process if you are unfamiliar with it.

If you are returning a part based on a factory error, we wish to apologize in advance for this inconvenience.  Rest assured that every RMA situation is treated as a high priority.  Our Technical Support staff excels at troubleshooting sensor issues and many times can help resolve an issue prior to initiating an RMA.

If you do not have a log in and password for the RMA system, please log into this website and use the link under your username to enter your RMA.

or If you do have a log in and password to the RMA System
please use the link here this will help with the data entry and speed up the RMA process.

See ACI's Standard Terms and Conditions for additional information (Notes 6 and 7)

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