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Pitot Tubes DLP Static sensors | pricing


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Pitot Tube for DLP Duct Static. Size: 7” (6.75” Insertion).  Material: Aluminum

PITOT TUBE INSTALLATION:  Slip the rubber washer over the threaded end of the pitot tube, keeping the washer as close to the threaded end as possible. Fasten the pitot into the threaded insert on the back of the enclosure. Press the rubber washer against the enclosure. 

TUBING SETUP WHEN PITOT TUBE IS INSTALLED: Units will be shipped with silicone tubing attached to the high and low pressure barb fittings. The silicone tubing will need to be removed from the High Pressure (H) barb fitting and secured onto the pitot tube barb fitting. This will leave the high pressure barb fitting open to atmosphere, and the Low pressure barb fitting remaining at default setup. 

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