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Misc. Devices MDO2FS (Manual Digital Override) sensors | pricing


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The MDO2FS is installed between a controller and an actuator to provide manual override when needed. In AUTO operation up two (2) digital signals routed through the MDO2FS from controller(s) control each actuator (signal present or not present). Slide the override switch on either output from AUTO to HAND, and you override the actuator with a maintained digital signal from the MDO2FS, using the same signal output voltage as the power supply provided. When the override switch is in HAND or OFF position, an alarm feedback will indicate the mode of operation to the user by a contact closure. "Resistive output" and "alarm contacts closed in AUTO" is an option. On a power loss, the signal from the controller is restored to the controlled device.

  • Troubleshooting Actuators or Relays
  • Handles two digital signals
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