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Differential DLP (0.5% Accuracy) sensors | pricing


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Ranges (Default): 0-0.1", 0-0.2", 0-0.5", 0-1" w.c. and ±0.1", ±0.2", ±0.5", ±1" w.c.

Outputs (Default): 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC

Display: Yes

The DLP Series is based on a piezoresistive, silicon sensing element which senses Differential Pressure and provides an analog output.  This series combines the best attributes and product flexibilities of the two product lines that it replaces (A/LP2 and A/DP2).  Not only does it tap into ACI’s past tradition of providing an accurate and dependable device, it has been enhanced in several important aspects. 

The hinged cover on the DLP can be easily opened using the integrated locking tab on the side of the enclosure.  This allows for easy access to the zero function and field selectable ranges and outputs. The DLP Series also includes an optional five digit, easy to read display which aids in initial setup/installation, troubleshooting, and local monitoring.  The cord grip ­fitting provides strain relief and easy access to the color coded, spring loaded terminal blocks.

The standard accuracy of this series is ±0.5% FSO but is offered with ±0.25% and N.I.S.T. certification as well (see expanded series).  Field selectable analog outputs include 0-5 and 0-10 VDC, or 4-20mA which correlate to a uni or bi-directional pressure range from 0-0.1” up to 0-40” of water column depending on your model selection. Each unit has up to 8 fi­eld selectable, uni or bi-directional ranges, as well as the ability to change display units from inches of water column to pascals by simply changing the internal dip switch settings. The addition of a Pitot Tube and Din Rail Clip further enhances the overall flexibility of this device.

Applications Include: building and duct static pressure, filter monitoring, air flow measurement, and process control.

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