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Enthalpy A/DIFF-ENT sensors | pricing


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The A/DIFF-ENT is an enthalpy controller which measures and converts temperature and humidity into a sources relay output.  The supply voltage to the A/DIFF-ENT is common to both the N/O or N/C contacts of the 10A Form 1C Relay.  Typically used in conjunction with the A/DIFF-ENT, the A/ENT converts a capacitive type humidity sensor into a linear 2-wire, 4 to 20 mA output.  Its signal is proportional to a scale of 0 to 50 BTU's and is geared towards OEMs of economizers and other devices that require an enthalpy input, or economizer control.  Each unit in this series features a conformally coated circuit board and jumper selectable elevation setting.  The A/DIFF-ENT is covered by ACI's Five (5) Year Limited Warranty.

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