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In 1986, Troy A. Schwenn graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a degree in Business Administration. Only four years later, he went on to found Automation Components, Inc., a humble startup with only seven employees. Though the United States was deep in a recession and unemployment was high, Troy never lost focus, putting in long and grueling hours to get his company off the ground. In Troy’s twenty six years as President and CEO, ACI has grown exponentially.

ACI is a two-time winner of the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year and the 2014 Wisconsin Family Business of the Year winner for medium-sized companies. ACI has also received accolades from ControlTrends and Corporate Report Wisconsin including best Peripheral Product, Best Company for Technical Service, Most Admired Company in Wisconsin, and Best Company for Philanthropy/Community Service.

Troy credits much of his incredible success story to his principles of superior customer service and high employee morale. He believes in empowering his staff members to dream big and set lofty goals for themselves and the company. In addition to his work at ACI, Troy served for six years of President of the St. Francis Athletic Association. Troy has strong ties to the Madison-area community, and enjoys giving back in any way he can. He has been honored on multiple occasions for his generous charitable contributions and is proud of the level of support provided by his team at ACI.

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