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Analog Input Relay Output sensors | pricing


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The AAR is controlled by a single analog input signal with two potentiometers controlling each output relay. The two 10 amp output relays can be independently set to fixed or adjustable deadband. “Fixed”, the relay will turn “ON” at the level set by the Low pot and will turn “OFF” at a fixed 3% of the input signal below the turn-on level. “Adjustable” allows a flexible range of deadband adjustment using the High and Low potentiometer. The edge-connector feature allows signal and power connections to be extended to the next board. This allows the installer to wire the first unit then slide additional units together by plugging into a power and signal bus without the need to strip and terminate additional wires.  The AAR is covered by ACI's Two (2) Year Limited Warranty.

  • Digital output expansion
  • Level indication
  • Alarms
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