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ACI Blog

ACI Blog

By Rob Kapinos          Current transformers (CT’s) come in many shapes and sizes for power metering devices. While having a lot of options can be a nice thing, it can also present a challenge when deciding which one should actually be used for your application.          If you ask yourself these five simple questions, selecting the best CT’s for use in your sub metering application will be easy.   What is the goal of the power monitoring project?             For contractors, understanding... Read More
By Matt Troge             As new buildings continue to pop up around the world, global demand for the HVAC equipment meeting industry standards will continue to rise. These new buildings (and even existing buildings now) strive to meet proper design requirements for things like increased energy efficiencies and occupant comfort. Ventilation standards (such as the ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1-2007) in these buildings help specify minimum rates and other measures intended to provide acceptable levels of... Read More
By Matt Troge                      Printing used to mean clicking “Ctrl + P” and watching a flat piece of paper come out of a printer. But today, 3D printing has reshaped what it means to bring a digital creation to reality. Many industries have felt the impact and influence of the 3D printer, but none more so than the manufacturing industry.           3D printers (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) take the digital design of an object and build it layer by layer. It can make simple things (... Read More


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