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By workacimaster Nov. 15th 2018
  ACI’s First 20 Employees - #13 Rob Terracina Rob started in our production facility at ACI and quickly became one of our favorite smiling faces. His incredible work ethic and positive attitude have been instrumental in his promotion through ACI. From his start as a production employee he was later promoted to our PCB Soldering Supervisor and most recently Inventory Controller. We asked what factors Rob feels led to him reaching his current position. “I’ve always cared about the... Read More
By droelke Nov. 9th 2018
  ACI’s First 20 Employees - #14 Ben Whyte   Ben started as a part-time employee at ACI in soldering where he spent his day soldering small sensors onto wires. It didn’t take long to notice the dedication and energy Ben puts into everything he does. From soldering, he moved on to become our Potting Department Supervisor before taking on a new role running our sensor testing department. From sensor testing he moved to his current position as ACI’s Pressure Department Supervisor. As you... Read More
By workacimaster Nov. 6th 2018
  ACI’s First 20 Employees. At #15 we introduce Joe Knight.  Joe joined ACI in 1999 and has been a valued team member ever since. Showing great versatility and an eagerness to learn, Joe has worked in many departments throughout ACI performing tasks from soldering to sensor assembly.  His current role finds him working as a technician in our Sensor Testing Department.  We asked Joe to fill us in on his secret to success at ACI and he replied, “I love to learn new things and appreciate... Read More

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